Fanart collected over the years!
I'll do my best to include links to the creators and their works where applicable.
Art is shared in the order in which it was received.

a portrait of Melitta in the typical style of a Minoan snake priestess
Melitta by Omeowcomics
Twitter - Instagram
Read OI! Tales of Bardic Fury on Tapas and

Nephele/Saffron Wave by KoreanTacos
Read Ivolice and the Emmisaries

Nephele/Saffron Wave by Naan
Aradia - Twitter
Read Legendary Beings Ara and Celi

Squiddy by jmluvsbob
Read Minimal

Nephele (cameo for Grinder$) by lirvilas
Read Grinder$ (NSFW)

Nephele/Saffron Wave by Jaycee Storm
Read 2099


Thank you all so much for the art!
This page will be updated periodically.